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All activities will begin Aug.7 I am looking forward in having your child in my computer class. We will be learning different programs that I will provide next week Aug.14 and you may use these programs at home with your child. We will also be learning how to type. How exciting!

I have been at OBIS since Feb of 2013 and I love my job and I love OBIS. We have great staffs and great quistors!

I love computers and I am happy to be teaching it to your child. Technology is a major part in our lives nowadays, that's why computer class is important and will also be helpful for your child and for you.

I am from Cambodia but, I was born in the Philippines. I do speak Khmer but I cannot read or write it, wish I could : ) My family moved to America when I was only three months old. We have lived in Maine, and Memphis, Tn and moved to Desoto County in 1993. No matter where I would love to move to, Desoto County will always be my hometown. My daughter goes to Olive Branch High school, whom I love to death. She is my world and everything I do, I do it for her. I have an older sister and a younger brother that lives in Minnesota. I am the middle child so, I hold us together : ) 

My mom passed away in 2012 and since then I've tried to live life to the fullest and I appreciate every little thing and every person in my life. I am thankful to still have my father around. He is my hero and the best father in the world. I have also gained 2 step brothers and a step mom this year. I have a very precious God son whom I call my little Boogie and he is a handful and he keeps me young : ) My niece will be going to U of M this fall and I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. My family is growing and so have I. Just like my family help me grow into becoming the best person I can be, I will help your child grow to become the best they can be also.

You will not be disappointed to have your child in my computer class. Like they always say "It takes a village to raise a child" I am apart of your village!


If you have any question, suggestions, or concerns about my computer class, please feel free to email me and I will answer any question to the best of my knowledge.

Students will not have free time until all activities have been completed. Free times are earned not given.


Ms. Seng