Summer Willis Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
4th Grade Math & Science


I graduated high school from New Albany High.

My college career consisted of a Biochemistry degree from Blue Mountain College. 

My masters was earned several years later in Elementary Education.


I have been teaching middle school science for thirteen years.  The majority of those years were taught at New Albany Middle School.  One year at DeSoto Central Middle and the remainder in Tyler, Texas.  This is my first Elementary job. 


I am such a good example of how quickly life can change.  In July of this year I had my dream house and job.  In August of this year my husband was transferred back to Mississippi from Texas and we are living with family.  I am driving from New Albany and my three children are attending school where I grew up.  I did not expect any of this but we are a strong unit and can overcome any obstacles.  I have loved getting to know your student.  I have a son in fourth grade which has given me the knowledge I need to connect with your student.