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Unit of Study 5th Grade  

Update: The students are divided into small groups. Each group has created their list of invited guests and they have also mapped out their seating chart giving reasons why the guest are seated at various tables.

Our Unit of Study in Fifth Grade is 


For the next few weeks we will focus on using the steps of the Creative Process to plan a birthday party.

 We will concentrate on the following skills:

  • Apply the Creative Process to solve an identified problem. 
  • Create a product (work of art, design, presentation, or media) to meet an identified goal based on personal interest or subject matter.
  • Differentiate constructive and destructive criticism.
  • Develop  and demonstrate a healthy perception of perfection in accomplishing tasks.
  • Demonstrate effective listening behaviors (understanding, organizing, and evaluating information).
  • Demonstrate depth of thought in deductive reasoning by evaluating and justifying data that supports logical conclusions drawn. 





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