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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

This year will be filled with so many activities and a lot of learning. 

Science is a STATE TESTED subject in 5th grade.  It is important that to study each night.  The notes are located in their binder which is graded periodically throughout the school year.

We make a Math Journal throughout the year that is used to study and assist with studying. 


Jan 4 - 19

Math - Chapter 7

Order of Operations, Expressions, Patterns, & Sequence

Test is scheduled for Jan 19

Science - Force & Motion

Test is scheduled for Jan 17


Week of Dec 11-15

Math - Multi-Step Word Problems

We will test on Thursday


Science - Elements & Compounds

We will test on Thursday


Merry Christmas to you and your family!  Enjoy this special season with your family.  Students return Jan 4! 

See you next year!!.....2018 :)


Week of Dec 4-8

Case 21 Testing

Tuesday - ELA

Wednesday - Math Chapters 1-6

Thursday - Writing

Math Test on Chapter 6 will be Friday, Dec 8

Science - Starting Elements & Compounds



Week of Nov 27- Dec 1

Math - Testing Chapter 6 Friday

CASE 21 is DEC 6 on Chapters 1-6

Science - Testing Mixtures & Solutions Thursday

Music Program is Thursday.  Be here at 6pm


Week of Nov 13-17

Math - Chapter 6 Multiplying/Dividing Decimals

Science - Matter     


Week of Nov 6-10

Field Trip Friday - Don't forget your sack lunches for those who chose that!

CASE 21 SCIENCE is NOV 13! Study the entire binder!!!  It will cover everything since Aug 3.

Math - Chapter 6 Multiplying/Dividing Decimals

Science - Matter and prep for Case 21


Week of Oct 30-Nov 3

Math - Chapter 5 Adding & Subtracting Decimals

Testing Friday

Science - Food Web/Chain, Adaptations, Ecosytems/Biomes

Test on Wednesday


Week of 10-23-17

Math - We are finishing up Chapter 4.  We will be testing it Thursday, Oct 26.

Science - Adaptations/Biomes

The test will be on Food Chains/Webs, Adaptations, & Biomes.  The goal is Friday, Oct 27. 


Week of 10-16-17

Math - Testing Chapter 3 and starting Chapter 4

Science - Food Chain/Food Web





Math - Starting Chapter 3 Division

Science - Finishing Sexual/Asexual Unit; Testing Tuesday, Oct 3.

Then doing Animal Classification



Math - Chapter 2 Multiplying

Science - Plants


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