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 Dear Parents,


        Welcome to the exciting world of Spotlight! I am looking forward to working with your children. This year is going to be great!!!


       To briefly explain our program, SPOTLIGHT stands for ‘Specialized Plan Of Teaching Learners Involving Gifted and Highly Talented’. The SPOTLIGHT curriculum focuses on six areas of instruction; thinking skills, creativity skills, communication skills, affective (social/emotional) skills, success skills, and informational literacy skills. Each nine weeks we will explore a new unit of study. The unit of study is a springboard for teaching the SPOTLIGHT curriculum. Your child will come to SPOTLIGHT one day a week. However, he/she will not miss lunch, activity, field trips, class parties, or daily activities.


        I will be communicating with you on occasion by e-mail and Remind 101. Spotlight also has a Facebook page in the works. Please provide me with your e-mail on the following page and be sure to sign up for Remind 101.


        Again, I am looking forward to working with your child. If you ever have any questions or comments, we are always available. You may e-mail me at Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support you give to OBIS and the SPOTLIGHT program! By working together, we can ensure that your child will be a life-long learner!


 Lisa Sherman


Our Unit of Study in Fifth Grade is 



For the next few weeks we will focus on using the steps of the Creative Process to plan a birthday party.


 We will concentrate on the following skills:


  • Apply the Creative Process to solve an identified problem. 
  • Create a product (work of art, design, presentation, or media) to meet an identified goal based on personal interest or subject matter.
  • Differentiate constructive and destructive criticism.
  • Develop  and demonstrate a healthy perception of perfection in accomplishing tasks.
  • Demonstrate effective listening behaviors (understanding, organizing, and evaluating information).
  • Demonstrate depth of thought in deductive reasoning by evaluating and justifying data that supports logical conclusions drawn. 


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