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THIS WEEK (Jan. 22-Jan. 26) WE WILL:

Making Meaning Reading-Students will begin a new unit this week entitled "Analyzing Text Structure."  Students will begin to understand an author's purpose for writing texts in certain manners.  This week will consist of two different persuasive articles; "All Girls and All Boys Schools" and "Do Kids Really Need Cell Phones?"   Students will be able to offer their own opinions and insights about these two "hot topics." 

****Please contact me with any questions about your child's reading!

Being A Writer:  Writing time will coincide with Making Meaning in that students will select their own topics and perform several quick-writes expressing, explaining, and justifying their own opinions. 



Vocabulary words:  Students will begin learning Week 13 vocabulary words:  thoughtless, thoughtful, desert/deserter, motionless, reverie, fanciful.  Students will use these vocabulary words to discuss suffixes and antonyms.

Spelling Words for this week:  direct, October, squirm, scissors, desert, increase, conflict, finance, wound, business

Please pay Scholastic News fees ASAP.  The total is $14.29. 

*Students can practice their cursive writing at home.  They can practice by writing ANYTHING in cursive.  Examples:  their own names, parents' names, paragraphs from personal readings, months, days of the week, or vocabulary words.

Please sign up for my Remind if you have not done so.  Text @9cdd49 to 810-10.