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Welcome to Mrs. Keenum's 5th Grade Class!


Week of 1/8- 1/12

Science News:

This week in Science we will be discussing force & motion. We will conduct various simple experiments that help show the students how various degrees of force will result in different speeds of motion. We will not test on this unit this week. We are looking at around Wednesday of next week. Make sure that students are studying their study guide each night to prepare.

Math News:

We are starting Chapter 7. This week our focus is on numerical expressions & order of operations. Students will have various examples that are copied in their notebooks & problems worked in class from their math books. This is what they should be looking at to help them if they have any issues with homework. We will have our 1st timed drill Thursday for this 9 weeks. Study multiplication facts!

We are in need of some class supplies for this semester. Items we need the most include:

Cap Erasers, sheet protectors, clorox wipes

Christmas Break 12/18-1/3

Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Students return on 1/4

Week of 12/11- 12/15

Science News:

We are wrapping up our unit on Elements and compounds before leaving for Christmas break. We will be testing on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Math News:

We are currently finishing up our supplemental unit on multi-step word problems. These are skills that were thought in 4th grade, and we go back and touch on to make sure they understand how to disect a multi-step word problem using key words. We will be testing over this chapter on Thursday.

Christmas party is Thursday from 12:30-1:30. Students may bring snacks to celebrate with the class. Students are allowed to wear pj's on Friday.

Week of 12/4- 12/8

Science News:

We are beginning our unit on Elements & Compounds. This week we will also be reviewing our Case 21 Test that we took. I would like to let the students have a chance to see why they missed what they missed, and how they can analyze the questions next time.

Math News:

We are taking our Case 21 Test this week (Wednesday). Monday & Tuesday we will be reviewing for Case 21. We will be taking older case 21 test in order to review previous/current skills. This test will touch on everything that we have learned so far this school year.

We will test Chapter 6 on Thursday. Our review will be Wednesday after Case 21. The review consist of going over the Chapter review & Check my progress. Once Chapter 6 is complete, we will begin our chapter on Multi-step word problems.

Week of 11/27 - 12/1

Science News:

This week we are starting our unit on mixtures and solutions. A lot of the terminology for this unit will be the same as our previous unit, Matter. Students will be able to explain how to make a mixture and how to seperate things within the mixture. 

Math News:

This week we are finishing up Chapter 6 Multiplying & Dividing decimals. Students will need to use their resources that were glued into their notebooks to help assist them with homework assignments. There are also multiple examples within their book based on seperate lessons that we are going over. We are testing Chapter 6 on Friday 12/1.

Math Case 21 is scheduled for 12/6. We will be reviewing for this exam on Monday & Tuesday of next week. 

Week of 11/20 - 11/24

Thanksgiving Break! I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Week of 11/13 - 11/17

Science News:

Monday is Case 21. Students should have been studying their review packet & previous study note pages.

We are still working on the matter unit. We are reviewing on Tuesday & Wednesday. Our Matter test will be Thursday. Students need to study their study notes page & binder pages.

Math News:

We are still on Chapter 6. Our focus has been on multiplying decimals with and without models. We are finishing up with multiplication & starting on dividing decimals with and without models. We will not test this chapter until after Thanksgiving break.

Students need to bring in scholastic money if they haven't already $14.29 total for both scholastic fees.

Week of 11/6 - 11/10

Science News:

This week in Science we are learning about Matter. The 3 states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and the properties of matter. We are doing various stations for students to get hands on exposure to how various items change from state to state (liquid to solid/solid to liquid, etc.)

We are also incorporating more review for Case 21. Our Science Case 21 is scheduled for November 13th. Therefore, while we are still on the unit of matter, our focus is getting the students prepared for case 21. (They will need to review ALL study notes pages from previous test in order to prepare well for this exam).

Math News:

We are starting Chapter 6, Multiplying and Dividing decimals. The students will bring home the parent letter for this Chapter on Monday. The letter includes various strategies they will be learning in the classroom. The students do not have to use all strategies in order to work the problems. My goal is to teach them all the strategies, and for the students to become successful with at least one or two of them. We are also still taking our timed drills for multiplication so students need to practice their math facts at home.


Our field trip is this Thursday 11/9.

Students need to bring in scholastic money if they haven't already $14.29 total for both scholastic fees.

Week of 10/30- 11/3

Science News:

Monday we are taking our test on Ecosystems (food chains, food webs, adaptations,& biomes). Once we complete this unit we will start our unit on Matter. I will post our notes page on remind once we get done going over the sheet in class. This will be our last unit before case 21. Once I get our exact date of testing, I will let you know. Students need to be studying their notes page and binder pages every night for at least 10 to 15 minutes. This will help their grades go up the 2nd nine weeks. 

Math News:

We are making good progress on Chapter 5. You should have received the parent letter with strategies to help students with what we are doing in class. Chapter 5 consists of adding and subtracting decimals. We will be testing on this chapter at the end of the week. 

** Our field trip is coming up. Thank you to the 2 parents that volunteered to chaperone.

If you have not brought in scholastic money please do so. 

Week of 10/23- 10/27

Science News:

This week are finishing up our unit on food chains, webs, and adaptations. We are looking at Monday for the test. We are talking about symbiosis and how their are different relationships that organisms may have with one another (mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism). 

We are not having a vocabulary test with this unit, and only taking the unit test. Students will need to study their notes page and binder pages each night in order to prepare for the test. 

Math News:

Monday we are testing Chapter 4. Students completed check my progress for their study guide. I sent out a copy of how to work each problem on remind. 

We are starting Chapter 5 this week. This chapter consist of adding and subtracting decimals using various strategies. Parents will receive a parent letter on this chapter soon. This is a shorter chapter than most, therefore, we will not spend a long period of time on this chapter. 

**Reminders: Please pay scholastic money if you haven't already. Students should have sent home a t-shirt form and field trip permission slip. When you send in the money for these things please make sure you have the form filled out that goes with it. We can not take the money without the form.**

Week of 10/16- 10/20

Science News:

We our introducing a new unit on food chains, food webs, and adaptations. We will create our own food webs out of string to see the importance of each producer/consumer. I will post the study notes page on remind when we are done completing it on Tuesday. We will not have a quiz or test this week in science.

Math News:

We are wrapping up Chapter 4 this week. This includes division with 2 digit divisors. The students are using partial quotients & standards algorithm to work through these division problems. I am hoping to have this chapter done by the end of the week. I am shooting for Chapter 4 test on Friday or Monday. Students will have check my progress for study guide & they should use their math resource notebook & examples that are in the book.

Reminders: Scholastic money is due if you have not already payed $7.15. Also, t-shirt forms went home & field trip permission slips. We can not except payment for these unless the form is filled out.

** Shoeboxes for soldiers ends on Wednesday. Please send those items in by Wednesday.**

Week of 10/9- 10/13

Science News:

We are learning about animal classification. This includes vertebrates vs. invertebrates. Students will need to know how to look at a picture of an animal and distinguish if they are vertebrates or invertebrates. We will have a vocabulary quiz on the 13th words from the notes page on Thursday of this week.

Math News:

We are beginning Chapter 4 this week. This includes division with 2 digit divisors. You will be getting a parent letter in regards to the skills and strategies that we will be using in class to help the students with this chapter. It is always good to rework the problems from the book as we go. This serves the students practice, and allows them to try and get the right answer to examples that have been worked for them.


Week of 10/2- 10/6

Science News:

We are wrapping up on asexual/sexual reproduction. We are testing Tuesday. This will include questions on the notes/vocabulary page & binder pages for this unit (students were shown in class the 4 pages to focus on). After we test on this unit Tuesday, we will begin animal classification. I will post the study notes page on remind after we go over it in class Wednesday.

Math News:

Students have been doing really well with division. We are testing  Chapter 3 on Thursday. Students will have a great study guide coming home on Tuesday (check my progress). Check my progress is a classwork grade, and then we correct them together for them to study for the test.

After Chapter 3 is finished, we will begin Chapter 4. You will receive a parent letter regarding chapter 4. This chapter will focus on division with 2 digit divisors.

Reminders: Sign up for my remind if you have not done so already. Sign up by texting @c3kg67 to 81010. Class dojo has been really helpful with communicating about behavior. You can sign up by using the code that came home with students, if missed placed contact me and I can send another one.

Please send in Scholastic money if you haven't already. $7.15 for Science.

Thanks for all you do for your child's success!

Week of 9/25- 9/29

Science News:

Friday we finished up plants & tested. Now, we are learning more about plant parts & functions. This week we are talking about the reproductive parts (asexual & sexual). This will be a shorter unit, but will still focus on vocabulary quiz & test. I will let you know once we decide on the dates for these.

Math News:

We are still working on Chapter 3, division. This week we are focusing on using different strategies to solve division problems. These strategies include: distributive property, partial products, & standard algorithm. Students will use manipulatives to help them understand that each group has to be equal in division. We will be using the key terms this week when working division problems (divisor, dividend, quotient, remainder). They will need to become familiar with this vocabulary.

We will have a fact fluency drill this week. The time is 5 minutes. Students need to be practicing their multiplication facts. This could be by using flash cards or playing multiplication games on the computer.

Homework will be sent through remind. If you are not signed up for remind it will also go straight to my remind that is linked on my website below.


Week of 9/18- 9/22

Science News:

We are wrapping up our unit on Plants. The vocabulary quiz will be Tuesday & the Plant test will be Thursday. Students need to make sure they are studying outside of class. We will have a review day Wednesday for the test that will be on Thursday.

Math News:

We are now on Chapter 3. This chapter focuses on division. The students have been focusing on working division problems using the standard algorithm & base 10. We will discuss other strategies next week on how to work bigger division problems. Please, make sure that students are practicing working their examples from their math journal & math book.

*Please be sure to sign up for remind if you haven't already. Also, Class dojo has been a great tool for behavior in our classroom. Most have signed up, but if you haven't you will get a sheet with behavior and directions for signing up in graded paper folders Thursday. Thank you for all you do!

Week of 9/11- 9/15

Science News:

We just finished up Cells & Body systems. We now are beginning plants. Make sure that your child is studying their vocabulary (flashcards/top of study notes sheet) every night. We take vocabulary quizzes on each unit.

Make sure that your child is looking over their science materials & not just taking "study" as meaning no homework. They are told in class EXACTLY what to study for quizzes/test.


Math News:

We are currently on Chapter 2. There should have been a parent letter for Chapter 2 that helps tell you what skills we are working on within this chapter, and provides some example problems from the chapter. Chapter 2 covers prime factorization, exponents, powers of 10, and multiplication with two or more digits.

We provide them with various strategies to work these problems out (area model, partial product, distributive property, & standard algorithm). Examples are provided in their math composition book & Math workbook.

Students should be practicing problems from math workbook & examples worked in class. They will have homework to practice skills as well.

Thursdays are math fact drill days. Students will be given 100 math facts to complete in 5 minutes. These will ALL be averaged together at the end of every 9 weeks for one SINGLE grade.


 *Please sign up for my remind account for class/school updates. This is a good way to stay connected with important information. To sign up just text @c3kg67 to 81010.


*Class scholastic fee:

Science- $7.15

S.S.- $7.14