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School will be closed 1/12 due to weather.

Don't forget--We are still out of school MONDAY 1/15

Weekly Skills: 1/8-1/12

Reading- We are making sense of expository non fiction text structures. Students will,read essays that feature pros and cons.

Writing- We have started opinion writing! The students will hear different sides of essays and form their own opinion.

Vocabulary- We are learning to pay attention to context clues to help determine the meaning of a word.

Social Studies- The class will be learning about the Civil War. 


Welcome back from Christmas break!

Weekly Skills 1/4-1/5

Reading- We are discussing the difference between observations and inferences.

Writing- We will be looking over our Case 21 Writing stories and developing a better understanding of what was asked to improve next time.

We will be focusing a lot on classroom expectations, procedures, and new classroom activities that will follow for the rest of the year. 


Next week is Case 21 tests! Please make sure your child is present at school!

Weekly skills 12/4-12/8

Reading- We will continue reading The Indian in the Cupboard. The vocabulary for this week will be puzzled, superstitious, dismay, recklessness, peril, forlornly, and peevishly. We will have a fairly easy test over these Friday 12/8. I know they will be testing all week so this could be pushed depending on how the week goes. 

Writing- We will be sharing our fiction stories in class. We will also be doing extra practice on grammar skills that may need some refreshing.

Social Studies- We will continue discussing colonies. 


Weekly Skills 11/27-12/1

Reading- We are starting The Indian in the Cupboard as a class this week. The vocabulary will be coming from the novel. This week's words are petrified, defiant, ferociously, tantalizing, astonished, and appalled.

In writing, we will continue finishing up typing our fiction story final drafts.

Social studies- We are starting to learn about the colonies. 


**Thanksgiving Break is next week 11/20-11/24**

If your child would like to try out to be on the newspaper, you can email me at I will gladly forward the information!


Science Case 21 Test is Monday 11/13! Please make sure your child is present that day!


Weekly Skills 11/13-11/17




Reading- We will be taking our Unit 5 Reading Test over the recently learned skill making inferences and reviewing any misses questions on Thurs/Friday.



Writing- We will continue learning about setting, plot, and characters in fiction writing. We will also be learning more about the author Chris Van Allsburg. He has written 3 of the stories we've read recently. We will also continue writing our final drafts for our own fiction stories! 


Social Studies- We will be learning about explorers! They be hear all about Christopher Columbus, Hernando Desoto, and Henry Hudson.




!Field Trip is Thursday 11/9! 

Weekly Skills 11/6-11/10

ELA- We will be introducing poetry. The students will be focusing on making inferences and visualization. We will read together four poems and look for words or lines that support our inferences. 

In writing, we will continue discussing the elements of fiction and writing our own fiction stories. 

In vocabulary, we will introduce 6 more words to add to the previous week, and we will have our test Friday 11/10. 

Social Studies- We will continue learning the customs and traditions of the Native Americans. This week is our field trip! We will be working on our own totem poles and Indian names!



Homework due 11/3- Write 6 sentences using our new 6 vocabulary words (contented, uneasy, soothe, envious, emerge, and reliable)

School T-Shirt Money is due Nov. 2nd! Don't forget you must turn in the paper with your child's t-shirt information along with the money.

Also, students may wear their costumes to school on Tuesday for $1. 

Weekly Skills 10/30-11/3

ELA-We are starting Unit 5, Inferences. We will be reading The Van Gogh Cafe and make inferences as we read. The students will be watching the movie Tuck Everlasting and comparing and contrasting the book to the movie. In writing, we will continue learning elements of fiction stories and creating our own.

Social Studies- We will be covering myths, legends, and fables and discussing how Native Americans passed on stories using storytelling.


This Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be out for training. We have a vocabulary test this Friday 10/27!

Weekly Skills 10/23-10/27

ELA: We will be finishing Tuck Everlasting

Writing: Continue reading and writing fiction

Vocabulary: TEST FRIDAY 10/27. These words are tranquil, contemplate, meager, grimace, stroll, battered, scour, helter-skelter, loll, luxurious, thrust, and hunch.

Social Studies: Continue learning about the Native Americans. (Pawnee, Seminole, & Kwaliutl)


This is the last week for Shoeboxes for soldiers. The last day is Wednesday 10/18!

Weekly skills 10/16-10/20

Reading- Continue Tuck Everlasting

Writing- Read personal narrative to classmates. We will start fiction after we finish reading aloud.

Vocabulary- Reviewing words and adding new words for test next Friday 10/27.

These words are tranquil, contemplate, meager, grimace, stroll, battered, scour, helter-skelter, loll, luxurious, thrust, and hunch.

Social Studies-Continuing Native Americans. We will learn about the Inuits, Hopi, and Nez Perce.


We are OUT of school MONDAY 10/9!

Weekly skills 10/10- 10/13

We do have homework due Friday October 13th! If they have misplaced the copy I've given them, I have uploaded it under forms.

ELA- We are will continue reading Tuck Everlasting

Writing- Finishing up our personal narratives

Vocabulary- We are focusing more on synonyms, antonyms, and idioms

Social Studies- Continuing Native Americans. 


Don't forget to check the photo albums! 

Weekly skills 10/2-10/6

ELA- We will be working on our Unit 3 test Mon-Tues. We will start reading Tuck Everlasting on Wednesday.

Vocabulary- added 6 more words (tranquil, contemplate, meager, grimace, stroll, and battered)

Writing- Continue personal narrative

Social Studies- Tuesday we will be taking our extra credit test. The students will receive an extra point for each state they can correctly name on the map. This will be added to their lowest regions test. We are starting our Native Americans unit!




ELA- Continue reading "Big Cats". We are practicing stopping and asking questions while we read.

Writing- We are learning about personal narratives and writing out own.

Social Studies- Learning about the Southwest states. We will thoroughly go over Southwest packet and take our test on Friday 9/29 over comprehension questions and 4 states.


Next week is Spirit Week! I've uploaded the days under "photo album"


Weekly skills 9/11-9/15:

ELA- Unit Assessment Mon-Tues, Continue discussing and reading expository non fiction, and continue the writing process


Social Studies- Test over the Midwest, Start West packet and learning states


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Text @4fba74 to 81010


Also, be sure to look at the calendar because I will post vocabulary words as well as test dates! Under the forms tab, I will post the homework pages.