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Assignments - Special Education(Archived)
Week of Oct 2-31
Due Date: 11/1/2017
Subject: Special Education

Finish Subtraction with regrouping and Post Test

Begin Mulitplication timed drills- Students must make an 80% to go on to the next test.

Timed Drills will be timed but given up to 15 minutes to complete. Tests will be Thursdays

If there is a day off or holiday, the test will fall on Fridays.

Week of Nov.1-3
Due Date: 11/1/2017
Subject: Special Education

November 1-3

We have been working on mulitplication using arrays and repeated addition. We just started doubling on November 1. Keep practicing facts for the week.

October 2-13
Due Date: 10/2/2017
Subject: Special Education

*** These skills are subject to change based on performance/ Please stay tuned for update

October 2-6

Addition with regrouping up to 3-digits

Addition Timed Drill- October 6

October 10-13

Subtraction with and without regrouping

Multiplication Timed Drill- Friday, October 13


Tuesday- subtraction with regrouping

Wednesday- subtraction with regrouping

Thursday- subtraction with regrouping


Week of September 25-29
Due Date: 9/27/2017
Subject: Special Education

Week of September 25-29

Weekly Math Skill- Addition of 2-digit numbers using different strategies- Number lines and standard algorithm

Timed Addition Fact Drill- Thursday ( 50 problems with 15 minutes)**

** More time provided if needed

Don't forget to study science vocabulary words for test on Friday! Check your child's science binder for vocabulary and binder pages