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Assignments - 4th Grade Math & Science(Archived)
Pictures/Links for Pictures of Cell Projects
Due Date: 9/9/2016
Subject: 4th Grade Math & Science


Here's a link on Pinterest that shows examples of Animal Cell Projects.....just copy and paste in your browser..this link is also available with just a click away under "Links"!! Have fun!!


 Please go to the Class Downloads for more information. You can also print the three-page assignment that was sent home on last Thursday, August 25. You can also take a look at two Animal and PLant Cell Models!

Homework Assignments for the Week
Due Date: 8/25/2015
Subject: 4th Grade Math & Science

*NOTE: Parents & students, homework assignments are always due the next day in which they are assigned. The assignment due date that is appearing on this page can NOT be taken off*

Monday-Chapter 2, Lesson 2 (pp. 71-72)


Tuesday-Study Math Journal & Practice Multiplication Facts


Wednesday-Chapter 2, Lesson 4 (pp. 83-84)


Thursday-Chapter 2, Lesson 5 (pp. 91-92)


Friday-Have a FANTASTIC weekend! Read for 30 minutes everyday this weekend and read over your notes in your Math Journal!