Laura Plunk

4th Grade

Ms Plunk

Welcome To 4th Grade!!




I am so excited that you are in my class this year. I can't wait to get to know each of you as we learn and grow together.

This is my 5th year at Olive Branch Intermediate School and my 24th year as a teacher. I studied Elementary Education from Blue Mountain College and went on to receive a Masters of Education degree from the University of Mississippi. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher.

I live in Holly Springs, MS and I am very active in there in my church and community. I have always loved to learn and I want to pass that love for learning on to the students that I teach. 

We are going to have a wonderful year together.



Class Instructional Information

We will continue to use Schoology this year to upload all classroom content. This is a great tool to see what we are doing in class. You may login to Schoology using the information below.



We will also be able to access our curriculum through The login information is listed below. Once you are logged in. you will be able to access math our math book, iReady, and other learning games. The login information is listed below.



Login Information

Schoology- Go to Schoology. Login as follows:

  • User Name- first initial, last initial and last 6 digits of student
  • Password- Quistors, 6 digit numerical birthdate
  •       Example- User Name-
  •                           Password- Quistors010110

Clever- Go to Clever. Login as follows:

  • User Name: student number (lunch number)
  • Password: student number (lunch number




Daily Schedule


Arrival, unpack, bell work; morning message


Morning Meeting



Reading Instruction


Reading/ Novel Study 


Silent Reading/Snack 




Writing Instruction


Writing Instruction




Math Instruction


Math Instruction




Small Groups/Intervention




Science/Social Studies





General Classroom Information

Class Rules:

  • Follow Directions Quickly

  • Raise Your Hand for Permission to Speak

  • Raise Your Hand for Permission to Leave Your Seat

  • Make Smart Choices

  • Make Your Dear Team Stronger

  • Keep Your Eyes on the Target


School Rules:

  • Be Safe

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Respectful



Students will receive dojo points throughout the day for good behavior. They can also earn tokens for their PBIS House (team). Points can be cashed in for other prizes and treats. PBIS tokens are counted each week and placed toward a school-wide house total. The winning house for the week will receive extra recess. Dojo points can be cashed in for classroom rewards such as treats, snacks. and extra privileges. As a class we are working on class- wide rewards by receiving compliments from other adults in the school. I have a Kerplunk game set up in the room. As the class receives compliments from other adults in the school, a stick is removed from the Kerplunk game. When all of the sticks are removed, or when all of the marbles fall, we will receive a special class treat.



All procedures are based on these rules. I expect kindness and respect at all times. If students do not follow the classroom expectations, consequences will be given. I use a warning system. Students will get 3 warnings each day. After 3 warnings, if behavior does not improve, students will receive a behavior reflection page to complete and take home to be signed by a parent. Students may also receive other consequences as necessary. These consequences include loss of classroom privileges, removal from group activities, parent contact, loss of class dojo points, and office or counselor referrals.