Amy Rains

4th Grade (ELA, Math, Science, & Social Studies)

Amy Rains
Our Best is Success here at OBIS!

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


I attended the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas and graduated in May 2005 with my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education.


I worked for Sylvan Learning Center for one year as a tester, tutor, and program manager.   I have been a classroom teacher for 16 years.  I taught third and fourth grades at Weaver Elementary in West Memphis, AR, fourth grade at Senatobia Middle School in Senatobia, MS, third and fourth grades at HLIS, and fourth grade at OBIS.  I am happy to live in Horn Lake, MS and be working in Olive Branch, MS.


I am married to a wonderful man and a mother of two boys.  We live in Horn Lake, MS.  Both of my children attend Olive Branch Schools.  Teaching is the career that I have always wanted because I come from a family of teachers that have been excellent role models.  I love young kids, and I am glad that you are sharing your sweet children with me this school year.

Class Instructional Information


1.) Schoology - Instructional Hub for this school year. Please check it daily for instructional items and assignments.

2.) Parts of our day that can also be assessed at home through Clever:

IReady / IXL / Coding

Clever login is the child's student number.

3.) Bitmoji Classroom:

What's going on in Room 408?

See what is happening in our classroom.

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General Class Information

Supply List 

I know that some items are difficult to get, so please don't stress and bring what you can get.

Classroom Management   

I use a Capturing Kids Hearts approach to behavior management at OBIS. We have a social contract of behaviors that the students created and agreed to follow. We also have a set of school rules (SOAR) that all students are expected to follow.

Your kids will be given a warning and asked 4 Questions to help them redirect their misbehaviors. 

These questions are:

  • What are you doing? 
  • What are you suppose to be doing?
  • Are you doing it?
  • What are you going to do about it?

Our classroom consequences include:

  • behavior Homework assignment that needs to be signed by a parent
  • Free time removed for catch up time
  • Loss of Class Dojo points
  • call to parents
  • counselor referral
  • office referral

Our classroom rewards for positive behavior include:

  • Points earned in Class Dojo
  • treat items
  • treasure box items
  • positive phone calls
  • positive notes

I have a structured classroom that uses a lot of procedures to make sure our day runs smoothly.  I expect all of my students to follow the school rules, classroom contract, and procedures for my class in order to give us a pleasant learning environment.  I ask all students to come to school and try their best on every task.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Hello Parents!

We can message each other easily through the School Status, Schoology, Remind, or Class Dojo systems.

Schoology will be the primary site for instruction and information this school year.

School Status is the primary way that I will call or text you.  The first times you hear from me, please plug my name into your phone for the out of city number that will appear.

You will have access to your child's Class Dojo account so that you can see the positive and negative behavior points that your child is earning or losing on a daily basis along with the related behaviors.

Feel free to email me at any time.  I check my email daily so it is a quick way for us to communicate.  My email address is

I look forward to talking to you! :)

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